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Aikhal grows rapidly

  • Published in Economy
Aikhal pipe 2
Of all diamonds produced by ALROSA, 13 million carats are produced by the Aikhal Ore Mining and Processing Plant

Aikhal pipe 1

Largely due to the fact that the work at the Aikhal Ore Mining and Processing Plant always goes on a wide scale, the company has overcome the challenging year 2017 without much difficulty.

It's been 30 years since I first visited the village of Aikhal. Even then Aikhal was considered a large populated area. In 1988 the population here was 12 thousand people. At that time the drilling of the Yubileynaya quarry and wells, the overburden of rocks, was just beginning.

Then the quarry of the Aikhal pipe was working, which was opened by a Yakut geologist, native of Nyurba, winner of the Lenin Prize Kuluntari Nogovitsyn. In operation were Industrial Building Assembly Association ‘Yakutalmazstroy,’ Aikhal mine, Plant No. 8 (‘Old Plant’), branches of Production and Technical Equipment Control, Material and Technical Supply Control, Vilyuygesstroy, Aikhal Combine of Building Materials and Structures, Myrny Automobile Road Administration, Udachny Worker Supply Administration, a small airport (at the moment it is no longer there) and others.

Stone houses towered on the streets of Kadzov, Yubileynaya, Entuziastov, which were higher on the hills. And in the lower parts there were only wooden buildings. At that time, the trading office of the Udachny Administration of Workers' Supply was open. By the way, the level of supply of goods and products was much higher than in Yakutsk.

Now in our region Aikhal occupies the second place in terms of population size - after the city of Mirny. According to 2017 data, there are 14,310 people living here.

Aikhal is not the same as before. It has been developing especially hard in the last few years.

Since 2010, all major streets of the town have been asphalted. As in large cities, video surveillance is installed in the center of Aikhal.

An Orthodox church and a mosque were built. On the central square people enjoy a fountain. In 2014, a water treatment plant began operating, so that tap water in Aikhal is the cleanest.

In 2017, the fiber optic line finally reached Aikhal, which provided high-speed Internet. And before that, digital television appeared.

In 2015, a comfortable hostel for employees of the Mining and Processing Plant was built for 400 people.

In March 2017, a 22-apartment house for employees of the Culture & Sports Center and teachers received its first residents.

There are Children's Center Nadezhda, the Sports Center Almaz and the reconstructed Dolphin swimming pool.

In Aikhal, the issue of providing the mining and processing enterprise with young personnel has been resolved. So, in 2016 a branch of Mirny Regional Technical College was opened here. Here young people learn skills of fitter, turner, mechanic, metal worker, welder, and driver.

Naturally, all these positive changes are taking place thanks to the Aikhal Ore Mining and Processing Plant.

Aikhal Ore Mining and Processing Plant

Aikhal pipe 3 
The people of Aikhal work very productively.

If the entire ALROSA produces an average of 37-39 million carats of diamonds, then 13 million carats are accounted for by the Aikhal Plant. Here, all plans for diamond mining for 2017 have been fulfilled. The richest Yubileynaya pipe mined diamonds for 100% of the plan. All the enterprises of the main production reached the level of 100%. Release of commodity output (ie, the results of the quality of diamonds) is not worse than in previous years.

And in 2018 we have great expectations of Motor Depot No. 1. Against the backdrop of the work of all teams, at this time the drivers of BELAZ are considered the best. 200 drivers service 55 trucks. Motor depots with such scope are not present throughout Yakutia.

Aikhal's difference from neighboring Mining and Processing Plants is in the presence of two powerful plants. The most highly productive are the Plants No. 8 and 14.

In the enrichment system there is a well-coordinated, uninterrupted operation of modern X-ray sorters and pumps. Methods of successful enrichment of low-grade ore have been introduced. In addition, the conveyors lifting the pulp - a mixture of water and soil - have been replaced. At the Plant, automation is successfully introduced, the technology is noticeably improving. As a result, the Plant #14 reached the production level of 1.7 million tons of ore.

The Plant #8, functioning since the last century, also introduced methods of magnetic foam separation, tracking the "movement" of diamonds in an automatic mode.

Diamond reserves in the Yubileynaya pipe will last till 2055
Yubileynaya pipe provides the leading position of Aikhal Mining and Processing Plant - the largest in terms of volume at ALROSA. Although the quarry was opened in 1975, diamonds began to be produced at full capacity only since 1985. Since then, 200 million tons of ore have been mined.

As all this shows, solution of so many pressing issues depends upon the full-fledged work of a single pipe in Aikhal.

There is a project for mining diamonds at Yubileynaya pipe by an open-pit method until 2034. When the level of 600 meters of depth is reached, they will switch to the mine method.

Studies by geologists have shown that under the quarry there is a rich deposit of diamonds for 70 million carats. This means that the pipe can work until 2055. Plus, the geologists of the branch of the Amakinskaya geological exploration expedition came across a kimberlite pipe just a kilometer away from the Yubileinaya quarry. Core samples (ie rock samples obtained by special drilling) underwent geomorphological studies. The quality of diamonds is determined by different methods, including a special X-ray.

Also, the future of the Aikhal Ore Mining and Processing Plant is associated with the stocks of the Zarya pipe. Hence, at the Plant they do not even think about reducing the staff. On the contrary, everything is heading in the direction that the work will go on with a greater scope in the sphere of diamond mining.

At the Aikhal pipe there is a mine that produces 500 thousand tons of ore per year. The mine means not only underground work. Hundreds of people are employed on the upper areas. Those who find work here can count on a good salary. Note: here the northern coefficient of 2.2 is added to the salary (in the city of Mirny it is 1.7). Therefore, the salary in Aikhal has always been slightly higher than the rest.

At the end I want to once again express my hope that young people of Yakutia will get interested in this city and will work here.

By Stanislav ALEKSEEV, Mirny