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ALROSA adjusts the terms of the auction for gas assets

  • Published in Economy
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The Supervisory Board of ALROSA in absentee voting on January 18 amended the notice of an open auction for the sale of the Company's gas assets.

In accordance with the adjustments, the deadline for entering the deposit for participation in the tender was extended until January 29, 2018. In addition, the requirements for the granting of regulatory documents by the participants have been relaxed.

The rest of the auction conditions remain the same. 100% of the shares in Maretiom Investments Limited and Velarion Investments Limited, which own 100% of shares of Geotransgaz and 100% of the shares in the authorized capital of LLC Urengoy Gas Company, are put up for auction at a single lot. Acceptance of applications for participation in bidding lasts until January 29, 2018. According to the documentation, the date of the auction is scheduled for February 19, 2018.