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ALROSA announces an open call for proposals to resume production at the Mir Mine

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ALROSA, the world leader in diamond mining, announces an open tender for projects to resume mining operations at the Mir Mine. Authors of the best project will receive a reward of 1.5 million rubles, and the total prize fund of the contest exceeds 3 million rubles.

The notice of the tender is posted on the corporate website of the Company. Applications for participation in the contest will be accepted until January 29, 2018. Authors of applications that have passed the initial selection will have access to additional information about the Mir deposit for preparing a detailed competitive project. The results will be announced on March 21.

"Our goal is to attract a wide range of specialized organizations, scientists and specialists to develop solutions that facilitate the resumption of mining operations at the Mir Mine. We plan to identify promising technical and technological solutions for the safe development of the Mir Mine to the full depth of explored reserves, analyze proposals for their economic and practical feasibility," said Andrei Zelberg, director of Yakutniproalmaz Institute, organizer of the contest.

The contest accepts projects and individual technical solutions in the following areas:
  • development system and order of completion of the deposit;
  • elimination of the consequences of the accident;
  • ensuring the safety of working out the remaining stocks;
  • organization of monitoring of safe mining operations at the field;
  • liquidation of a water body in a quarry.
The participants of the contest should justify the possibility of implementing the technical solutions that they offer, their economic and environmental effectiveness. In addition, the projects should take into account the existing mining and geological conditions at the Mir Mine.

Based on the results of the tender will be revealed the best technical solution or set of solutions to apply in the development of the concept of the resumption of mining operations at the mine tube Mir. This concept will form the basis of technological regulations and technical design of safe and cost-effective development of the field's reserves, the Company's press service reports.
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