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15 airports in Yakutia will receive funds for reconstruction

  • Published in Economy

Not soon, but will receive funds for the reconstruction of airports in Neryungri, Nyurba, Sangar, Deputatsky, Chersky, Olekminsk, Khandyga, Belaya Gora, Verkhnevilyuysk, Vilyuysk, Zyryanka, Magan, Ust-Nera, Zhigansk, Polarny (Mirny district).

The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation allows for funds for these purposes in the budget for the period of 2019-2021. It is planned to reconstruct 40 airports of the Far East, EVesti reports.

In 2018, the state budget will pay for the reconstruction of the infrastructure of airports in the Far East in the amount of about 2.2 billion rubles, including: the airport of Khabarovsk will receive 600 million rubles, Yakutsk - 480 million rubles, Ekimchan - 470 million rubles, Magadan - 100 million rubles.

Reconstruction of the Far Eastern airports is carried out according to the state program "Development of the Transport System of Russia (2010-2020)" in order to increase the transport mobility of the population in the Far East 1.5 times to the level of 2012.

According to the Minister for Development of the region, Aleksandr Galushka, the airport's depreciation reaches 80%. "For the Far East, air communication is of strategic importance. For a number of territories, this is the only type of communication," he said.