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‘Kolmar’ to increase the personnel up to 7 000 people

  • Published in Economy
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The personnel of Kolmar coal mining company will more than double by 2021. Anna Tsivileva, Deputy General Director of the company, told Interfax about how the management of Kolmar plans to attract new specialists to the enterprises.

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- How many specialists will Kolmar attract in the coming years?

By 2021, we plan to open a coal-preparation plant in Neryungri district of Yakutia with an annual capacity of 12 million tons and two mines. Thanks to this, all the company's enterprises will mine and process 20 million tons of coking coal a year.

It will be necessary to increase the personnel of Kolmar from 3 to 7 thousand people. We are already busy with the search for people today: members of our team carefully study the labor market for the selection of high-quality specialists. The task is rather challenging, considering that in the 1990s, many technical professionals were forced to go into commerce or entrepreneurship.

- How do you plan to attract such high-class specialists to your enterprises?

I can say with pride that Kolmar offers its employees one of the best social packages in the Far East.

Firstly, we will compensate for specialists from other regions, as well as their family members all shipping costs associated with the move to Yakutia. Secondly, the company provides different types of living accommodation depending on the level of their qualifications and the number of family members.

- What kind of housing are we talking about?

In Neryungri (the second largest city of Yakutia - Interfax) there is a hotel for employees of Kolmar, where there are both separate rooms and apartments. In addition, in the village of Chulman located near Neryungri, a residential complex is being constructed, consisting of three hostels and two residential houses for families. They will be accommodated by mid-2018.

Here it is worth mentioning one more of our projects: the construction of a hotel complex on the territory of the Denisovsky mining and processing complex has already been completed, where we plan to receive high-ranking guests.

- Do you plan to increase the number of employer-sponsored students because of the expansion of the company's staff?

It is mandatory! In addition, we want to create an innovative complex on the basis of our research institute in Novosibirsk, following the example of Moscow's Skolkovo. There young scientists and innovators could introduce their bold ideas. We also plan to support them using the system of grants.

‘Novosibirsk Skolkovo’ is still an idea, but we have the intention to implement it. Indeed, the materialization of progressive ideas is an impetus for the development not only of our company or certain regions of Russia, but of the entire country as a whole.

- Are there any problems that cannot be solved yet?

It is necessary to understand that Kolmar is a private company and its opportunities to develop an accompanying infrastructure, not an industrial one, are not unlimited. For example, Neryungri Airport needs reconstruction in order to receive more flights. A limited number of air traffic today hinders the development of not only the company, but the entire region as a whole. Foreign partners from China, Japan, South Korea and Vietnam are forced to get to us through Moscow, although the direct distance between their countries and Yakutia is not so great.

The management of Kolmar raises this issue on all possible platforms, and now we have reached the government level. We hope that the airport will be reconstructed after all.

Another transport infrastructure is required: new roads and railways are needed. For our part, we are ready to contribute to the development of the region as much as we can, but at the same time we expect similar steps from other companies and, of course, the authorities.

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