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Seaport In Tiksi, Shipyard In Zhatay: More Than 4.5 Thousand Jobs Planned to be Opened In Yakuta

  • Published in Economy
Reconstruction of the Tiksi seaport and construction of the Zhataysky shipyard will allow to create more than 4.5 thousand new jobs in the Arctic region of Yakutia, the head of Yakutia Egor Borisov has announced at a plenary session of the VII International forum "The Arctic: The Present And The Future" which has opened in St. Petersburg today.

"By 2030 overall income of local budgets is estimated to increase by 1.7 times. By 2025 the multiplicative effect of development of the mining industry in Arctic territories of Yakutia alone will provide creation of not less than 1500 new jobs in the mining industry and more than 3 thousand in the accompanying branches. Besides, according to our forecasts the dependence of Russia on import of tin, rare and rare-earth metals will decrease" — Borisov has told.

Reconstruction of the seaport in Tiksi will provide safe calling port of sea vessels with a draft up to 10 meters and will allow increase cargo handling volume to 300 thousand tons per year.