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Official Launch Event of the Yakut GRES-2 Will Take Place in Yakutsk

  • Published in Economy
On Tuesday, November 28, the Yakut GRES-2 (State district power plant) has officially been commissioned in Yakutsk.

 The first stage of the Yakut GRES-2 is one of four drafts of the investment program of PJSC “RusGidro”.

According to Egor Borisov, the launch of the Yakut GRES-2 is a major event for the republic, commissioning of new capacities will significantly increase reliability of power supply of the Central energetical district of Yakutia, including the capital of the region.

At present the Yakut state district power plant provides 90% of the electric power of nine central districts and more than a half of heat consumption of Yakutsk. Besides electric power the Yakut GRES-2 will also produce heat. Electric power of the first stage of the Yakut GRES-2 is 193 MW, thermal power – 469 Gcal/h.