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Yakutia wins 13 medals at ‘2017 Golden Autumn’All-Russian Exhibition

  • Published in Economy
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Agro-industrial delegation from Yakutia has received 13 medals of ‘2017 Golden Autumn’ All-Russian Agro-Industrial Sales Exhibition. Best companies have been awarded for achievements in the production of high quality food products, the introduction of innovations in agriculture and in other areas.

Yakut manufacturers were awarded 9 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals. The first places were won in the nominations "Effective Implementation of Regional Programs Aimed at Sustainable Development of Rural Areas" and "For Contribution to the Development of the Agricultural Consumer Cooperative System."

The All-Russian Exhibition gathered 1400 enterprises from 70 regions of Russia and 15 countries abroad. Yakutia was represented by a large delegation. The event was attended by top officials of the country, including Chairman of the government Dmitry Medvedev.

"Amma" Сooperative won two gold medals at once. The first "gold" was awarded for the brand-name cheese.

"Its main difference is that it is made exclusively from natural products, we do not use any additives. The cheese is produced by a special technology, and its fat content is 45%," YSIA was informed by Deputy Director of the "Amma" Cooperative Vladimir Osipov.

To get a kilogram of cheese, you need at least ten liters of milk and exactly 40 days.

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Amginsky strawberry jam is also recognized as the winner. "It is also being prepared by our own technology. We take wild-growing crops from the population; we do not use any preservatives in production, so the taste of the fragrant delicacy is exceptional,” said master of the cooperative Matryona Sleptsova.