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ALROSA President Sergei Ivanov checks Internatsionalny Mine

  • Published in Economy
453435 2 696x463ALROSA President Sergei Ivanov visited the Internatsionalny mine of the Mirny Mining and Concentrating Plant. He checked the conditions for conducting underground works, functioning of the sewerage system and discussed industrial safety issues with the management and personnel of the mine.

Sergei Ivanov, along with the acting chief of the mine Internatsionalny Denis Cherentayev, inspected the main production mechanisms of the underground part of the mine. Special attention was paid to the functioning of the water drainage system, in particular, the drainage-pumping station and two water catchments. The President of the diamond monopoly also talked with mine employees on issues related to the safety of underground works.

Sergei Ivanov discussed the employment opportunities of workers of the Mir mine with the management of the Internatsionalny mine. According to Cherentayev, in early October a blind skip shaft will be put into operation at the mine. To maintain it on a permanent basis, it is planned to attract at least 40 workers and engineers from the Mir mine.

A visit to the Internatsionalny was planned as part of a general audit of the operation of all mines of the Company initiated by ALROSA management after the accident in the Mir mine. Until September 1, 2017, an ad hoc expert group should conduct a comprehensive safety assessment when conducting mining operations at the Company's underground mines. It is, first of all, an assessment of the possible impact of water bodies on mine workings and measures taken to prevent water breakthroughs in them from spent quarries.

Underground mine Internatsionalny is located 16 km south-west of Mirny. It was put into operation in 1999 and performs development of the Internatsionalnoye deposit, which is characterized by a high content of diamonds in the ore. Expected completion date of the deposit is 2033.

In addition to the Mir and Internatsionalny mines, ALROSA carries out underground diamond mining at the Aikhal and Udachny mines.