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One more new mine in Yakutia

  • Published in Economy
new coal mine

The Denisovskaya-Vostochnaya mine will extract coal.

August 14 the Neryungri district hosted the opening of the construction of new Denisovskaya-Vostochnaya mine at Denisovsky Mining and Processing Plant, the website of the republic's Ministry of Industry said Wednesday.

The official opening was attended by Deputy Chairman of the Government of Yakutia Igor Nikiforov, Deputy Minister of Industry and Geology of Yakutia Nikita Shepelev, Head of the Neryungri district Viktor Stanilovsky, Production Director of ‘Kolmar’ coal mining company Artyom Levin and Archbishop of Yakutsk and Lensky Roman.

"Construction of Denisovsky Mining and Processing Plant has been underway since 2004. The project includes the construction of the Denisovskaya mine, the Denisovskaya-Vostochnaya mine and the Denisovskaya Processing Plant. The aggregate capacity of which should be at least 6 million tons per year for ordinary coal and 4 million tons for coking concentrate. The number of working personnel is 960 people, when it reaches the designed capacity, the planned number of employees will be around 1200 people," the Ministry of Industry said.

During the construction period, the Ministry of Industry notes, the Denisovskaya mine has mastered the unique pillar-and-room method, which makes it possible to minimize losses of coal reserves and conduct efficient production in difficult mining and geological conditions.

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