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‘Neryungri’ Mine: Over 760 kg of gold in six months

  • Published in Economy

The gold mining company Neryungri-Metallik, which is part of the Nordgold international company, produced over 768 kg of gold (24.7 thousand ounces) in the first half of the year, according to the official website of the Company.

The production of precious metals at the 'Neryungri' mine increased in the second quarter to 463 kg (14.9 thousand ounces) against 305 kg of gold (9.8 thousand ounces) in the first quarter of 2017. This change is mainly caused by an increase in the recovery factor due to the seasonal nature of heap leaching - the transition to summer irrigation of gold-bearing ore.

During this time, the mine produced and processed more than 2 million tons of ore, of which 0.8 million tons of ore from the Tabornoye deposit and 1.2 million tons of ore from the ‘Gross’ deposit. The average gold content compared to last year's indicators decreased by 0.2 g / t and amounted to 0.54 g / t.

Currently, the mine is conducting field exploration work at full speed, begun in April this year. According to the project "South Uguyskaya Prospective Area" geologists have completed exploratory drilling at the ‘Vysoky’ site.

Geologists continue to clarify the potential of the Tokko area. Here, geological and geochemical works are being carried out, including drilling of ditches and inclined wells of core drilling. Selected samples were sent to the laboratory for research, which will determine the prospects for the site.



OOO Neryungri-Metallik, part of the international gold mining company Nordgold, has been engaged in gold mining at the Taborny open-pit mining site since 2000 located in the Olyokminsky ulus in the south-western part of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) within the eastern part of Olyokmo-Charsky Highlands. In 2016, gold production at the enterprise amounted to 80.5 thousand ounces (or 2.5 tons) of refined gold.

The 'Gross' deposit is located in the southwest of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), near the ‘Neryungri’ mine of Nordgold. According to the international JORC code in 2012 P + P reserves of deposits are estimated at 4.4 million ounces, M + I + I resources - 8.5 million ounces. ‘Gross’ is a year-round heap leach project with open working. It is expected that after reaching the designed capacity, ‘Gross’ will become the largest Nordgold mine in Russia. It will produce about 12 million tons of ore and produce about 230,000 ounces of gold per year for 17 years.

Nordgold is an international gold mining company founded in 2007. Nordgold has significant experience in achieving high operating efficiency and successful development of high-quality and low-cost gold mining projects. The Company focuses on creating value for its shareholders, ensuring the highest possible safety and high efficiency of production processes, which allows Nordgold to generate a stable cash flow and invest in promising development projects while simultaneously returning capital to investors. In 2016 Nordgold produced 869 thousand ounces of gold.

The Company owns nine operating mines (four in Russia, three in Burkina Faso, one in Guinea and one in Kazakhstan). Nordgold also has one project under construction (Gross in Russia), several promising projects and projects with localized resources, as well as a broad portfolio of exploration and licensing projects in Burkina Faso, Russia, French Guiana and Canada. Nordgold employs more than 8,000 people.