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Expert: Outstripping development of the Far East is impossible without small aircraft

  • Published in Economy
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State Duma deputy, member of the State Duma Committee on Regional Policy and Issues of the North and Far East Vladimir Novikov believes that the revival of small aircraft is a necessary condition for the development of the Far Eastern region.

The Far Eastern region occupies more than a third of the Russian territory, it is obvious that increasing the transport accessibility of settlements in the Far Eastern Federal District and the mobility of its residents is a key component for the development of the Far East, the expert said.

"The increase in attractiveness of Far Eastern subjects and the quality of life is impossible without the revival of small aircraft. The expansion of the route network will not only give an impetus to the development of remote areas of the Far Eastern Federal District, but also activates economic activity and development of tourism in the regions. We examined this issue in detail at the meeting of the Committee, we are glad that practically all of our proposals have been taken into account," said Vladimir Novikov.

On the instructions of the President, Far Eastern subjects assess their needs for short-haul aircraft and determine the most optimal types of aircraft for the development of passenger air travel. Meanwhile, regional programs for the development of small aircraft have been successfully introduced for several years in several regions of the Far East.

"Regions that clearly understand the importance of small aircraft have long been successfully developing local air transport. In Primorye and the Sakhalin region, new aircraft are purchased, new routes are being opened, airport terminals are being built and landing strips are being restored. Now that the decision has been made at the highest level, their best practices in the development of regional aviation can be used by other Far Eastern entities," said the parliamentarian.

Russian President Vladimir Putin approved a list of instructions for the development of small aircraft in the Far East. The government was instructed, together with the Far Eastern regions, to assess the need of airlines in aircraft for local air transportation of passengers in the Far Eastern Federal District, and to prepare a report on state support for the acquisition of Russian-made helicopters for such transport. Also, in the state program "Development of the Transport System of Russia (2010-2020)," a special "Far Eastern section" will be specified, related to the outstripping development of the Far East, Minvostokrazvitiya reports.