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Vladimir Putin: Development of the Far East - a priority of Russia

  • Published in Economy

Russian President Vladimir Putin called on all ministries and agencies to support state priorities in the Far East, stressing their importance for the development of the entire country.

According to the head of state, for the development of the region, it is important not only to invest in large companies. "The current work is important, and I want to see it," the Russian President said.

Vladimir Putin drew attention to the fact that now the Far East is implementing "the largest projects that should give growth to the economy of the region and its social sphere, to give a powerful effect on the scale of the whole country."

- Their implementation is capable of giving a huge investment resource and a serious incentive for creating adjacent industries to increase the country's export capabilities, - the Russian President said. - We need to fully realize the potential of the Far Eastern megaprojects. As the center of private capitals of small and medium business as well.

As the head of state noted, the example of leading Far Eastern projects needs to work out management algorithms, solve systemic issues in order to use this experience both in the Far East and throughout Russia, in other regions.

According to the head of state, it is necessary to provide such projects with infrastructure support and competent support from all levels of government, to offer convenient financial and tax instruments, to help solve issues with the supply of raw materials and energy, to minimize and, to the extent possible, to zero administrative barriers and pressure from the controlling bodies.

"I understand that somewhere it can be more convenient and comfortable to spend money. But we agreed that there are priorities that the state is building, and these priorities indicate where it is more necessary to do this,” said the head of state, referring to the issue of prioritizing the development of the Far East, adding that "this is not yet very successful for our colleagues."

It should be recalled that today the head of state took part in the launch of three hydroelectric units of the Nizhne-Bureyskaya Hydro Power Station in the Amur Region, and also held a meeting on the implementation of major investment projects in the Far Eastern Federal District.

Evgenia Nazipova, Press Service of Ministry for Development of Russian Far East