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EEF-2017 to present investment projects worth 1.2 trillion rubles

  • Published in Economy
345345453 696x463At 3rd Eastern Economic Forum, within the framework of the business program, 32 investment projects will be presented with a total investment of 1.2 trillion rubles, Press Service of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation informed YSIA.

148 projects (total investment - 2.4 trillion rubles) were submitted to the Ministry for Development of Russian Far East. As a result, 32 most important investment projects for the Far East were identified with a total investment volume of 1.2 trillion rubles.

"The Eastern Economic Forum traditionally attracts great interest both from representatives of domestic business and from our foreign partners. The authors of selected projects will be able to present them to potential partners, investors and leading experts in the field of economics,"- said Minister for Development of Russian Far East Aleksandr Galushka.

7 projects in the field of development of transport and logistics systems of the Far East are defined for presentation at the Forum. The total volume of investments is 96.9 billion rubles. In particular, a concession project on the creation and operation of a highway bypassing Khabarovsk will be presented. It includes engineering structures of transport infrastructure, roadbed, bridges, overpasses, transport interchanges, charging points and other road facilities. The volume of financing is 43.7 billion rubles.

For the presentation of mining projects, 4 projects have been selected for 37.6 billion rubles, for the forestry sector - 3 with a total investment of more than 13 billion rubles. Among them - the creation of integrated woodworking production in the Sakhalin region.

Two projects will present the gas chemical industry of the Far East. Among them, the construction of enterprises for the processing of natural gas in the Amur region, the largest in Russia and one of the largest in the world. The design capacity is 42 billion cubic meters of raw gas per year. The gas processing plant will also include the world's largest production of helium - up to 60 million cubic meters per year.

Another 7 projects will be represented by agriculture and fisheries (total investment 17.4 billion rubles) and production development (9.3 billion rubles).

In the sphere of tourism and healthcare, 2 projects with an investment volume of 1.6 billion rubles will also be presented.

3rd Eastern Economic Forum will be held September 6-7 in Vladivostok. As part of the business program, will be held Russia-ASEAN business dialogues, Russia-China, Russia-the Republic of Korea, Russia-Japan and, for the first time, Russia-India. Also for the first time the program will include a youth agenda: September 5 will be the educational and youth day of the Forum, in which students, young scientists and entrepreneurs from the subjects of the Russian Federation, members of foreign delegations will take part.