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ALROSA Aikhal transfers to compressed natural gas

  • Published in Economy
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In 2017 the Aikhal Mining Processing Plant will spend more than 1 billion rubles on technical re-equipment, including putting into operation of cars of a higher environmental class.

Last year alone, the translation of transport to natural gas motor fuel has provided substantial savings and allowed the Plant to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases by 7.3 thousand tons, or more than 6%.

At present, 48 units of gas engine equipment operating on compressed natural gas are already in operation in the Aikhal Mining Processing Plant. Studies have shown that, in addition to a significant economic effect, the use of natural gas instead of oil fuel can reduce the release of toxic substances into the atmosphere.

The commissioning of mining machines of high ecological class is one of the stages of the implementation of Program for Innovative Development and Technological Modernization of JSC ALROSA. The goal of the program is to reduce operational costs and environmental load, as well as increase safety in the workplace. In 2017, the Aikhal Mining Processing Plant will spend more than 1 billion rubles on technical re-equipment, including the replacement of mining dump trucks.

Environmental activities of the Aikhal Mining Processing Plant are not limited to the transition to gas engines. The Plant is implementing a program on energy saving and energy efficiency, as well as other environmental measures. This April at the Yubileinaya industrial site, the reconstruction of sewage treatment facilities was completed, which improved the technological chain of water purification. For these purposes, the Plant spent 150 million rubles.

ALROSA is the world's largest producer of carat diamonds. The company is engaged in exploration, extraction and sale of diamonds. ALROSA carries out diamond mining in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and the Arkhangelsk Region. In 2016, the Company produced 37.4 million carats of rough diamonds, while ALROSA's revenue in 2016 was 317.1 billion rubles.

Pavel Prytkov, Deputy Head of Marketing and Public Relations Department