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Japanese equipment for wind turbines in Tiksi to be delivered on time

  • Published in Economy
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At present, cooperation of Yakutia and RusHydro with the Japanese side is developing. In the village of Tiksi, it is planned to implement a unique project of an energy system capable of accumulating wind energy. This was stated in the framework of 5th International Conference "Development of Renewable Energy in the Far East of Russia."

"We plan to install wind turbines in Tiksi next year," First Vice-Premier Aleksei Kolodeznikov told reporters.

The introduction of new technologies will require investments from Yakutia, RusHydro and Nedo Corporation in the framework of the agreement signed by the head of the republic Egor Borisov and the government of Japan.

According to Development Department Director of Nedo, Eichi Homma, the uniqueness of the project is to develop energy storage devices that can provide stable operation of wind turbines regardless of weather conditions.

"The project is at the center of attention of Japan and Russia. Taking into account the experience in Kamchatka, we want to realize it in the village of Tiksi. Our organization oversees the project in Yakutia, as it is more advanced. We follow a certain plan of action, without deviating and not falling behind," he said.