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Anton Safronov: Yakutia lacks development of local production

  • Published in Economy
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The authorities of Yakutia need to take measures to fully employ the existing enterprises in the region through stimulating demand. Minister of Investment Development and Entrepreneurship Anton Safronov said this during the meeting with the head of the republic on stimulating the development of local production of goods and services.

The Ministry of Investment Development conducted an analysis that showed that today the potential for local production development has not been sufficiently realized. "For example, in the construction materials industry, the market demands are constantly growing, including activities to resettle people from dilapidated housing. At the same time, local enterprises do not cover this need even with the construction of social facilities. According to the Ministry of Construction, their capacities are employed only by 60-70%," Anton Safronov stressed.

The task of the republic's management, according to the minister, is to create conditions and take measures to fully employ the capacities of existing enterprises through stimulating demand. At the same time, the authorities should pay attention to optimizing production and transport costs for small and medium-sized businesses.

Safronov made suggestions on the development of light industry. Today it includes textile, leather, dress goods and footwear industries. As the main problems, the speaker pointed out high tariffs for electricity, limited sales and the need for equipment modernization. The head of the ministry proposed to focus on the national color, as well as organize online stores for sale: "To do this by analogy with the sale of Yakut knives - a couple of years ago the masters united and began to exhibit their products in the online store. Orders come from all over Russia."

Moreover, according to Anton Safronov, the republic has a significant reserve to increase the production of meat, fish, eggs and wild berries.