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ALROSA meets long-term clients

  • Published in Economy
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Moscow, April 20, 2017 - Sergei Ivanov, the President of PJSC ALROSA, the world leader in diamond mining, participated in the extraordinary business meeting with the Company's long-term clients dedicated to the new contract period. 

Participants of the meeting from more than 70 Russian and foreign companies had a chance to discuss with ALROSA's management diamond market trends, existing market environment, plans for the near future, and the Company's sales structure.

A new 3-year contract period 2018-2020 is to start next year. The list of applicants for long-term agreements will be formed with due account for clients' relevant applications, completeness of submitted data and based on the analysis of results of trade cooperation between ALROSA and applicants in the period 2015-September 2017.

The assortment and volume of goods under a 3-year agreement will be formed on an annual basis. The core aim of these innovations is to take account of our customers' assortment preferences.

"The heart of ALROSA's sales policy - sale of the major part of rough diamonds through the system of long-term agreements - will not change. We also intend to preserve all the best practices in our sales system", emphasized Sergei Ivanov in his speech. "You may rest assured that our sales policy will be improved with due account of our customers' opinions and market views", he added.

The business meeting with the Company's long-term clients was held in the scope of the ALROSA ALLIANCE program development.
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