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Japanese Institute has developed a project for Kangalassy Industrial Park

  • Published in Economy
Japan plan for Kangalassy

Nomura Research Institute (NRI), the developer of the long-term plans for nine Far Eastern zones of advanced development, has presented a draft plan for the development of Kangalassy Industrial Park.

According to the developers, the main vector of development of Kangalassy Industrial Park provides support for innovative production and services of Yakutia.

In this case, the emphasis is on supporting small and medium-sized businesses.

"Kangalassy Industrial Park is formed with the prospect of development for 70 years. The development of this zone of advanced development requires an integrated approach. The study will allow to evaluate the perspective sectors of the economy and competitive segments of markets for development in the advanced development zone, to determine the feasibility of implementing investment projects and the availability of business demand from potential investors. It is important to analyze the profile of the advanced development zones residents and the development of the system of work with companies - potential investors of these sites," - said Denis Tikhonov, General Director of JSC Corporation for the Development of the Far East.

Deputy Chairman of the Government of Yakutia Igor Nikiforov explained that "a phased implementation plan for the project will help determine a detailed development strategy."

It is planned to implement projects in the field of agriculture, fish farming and food production, as well as the jewelry industry and the production of building materials in Kangalassy Industrial Park advanced development zone.

"Within the region there are no serious competitors in the market of year-round producers of agricultural products and manufacturers of fish products of artificial cultivation. Accordingly, there is potential for growth of the market of foreign technologies and equipment," - the report says.

"When we (Nomura Institute - Interfax) draw the future image of the advanced development zone, we pay close attention to the study of trends around the target territory (changing people's needs, globalization of the economy, technological trends, etc.), regional economy resources, infrastructure and personnel.  Upon that, we are trying to clearly reflect the value that we expect to receive, and the ways to achieve these goals," - said Hideyuki Yamada, the head of Infrastructure Department of Nomura Institute, whose words are given in the message.

NRI is the leading Japanese analytical center for economics, founded in 1965. The units of the Institute provide advisory services to government and private enterprises in the field of industrial policy and territorial development. The Institute supports Japanese and Asian enterprises in developing their business on the Russian market, and also assists Russian clients in improving the investment climate in the country and enhancing the viability of investment projects.

NRI projects - the coastal urban center of Tokyo, the Manhattan project in Marunouchi area, the city of the medical industry of Kobe (medical cluster), the Hakkeijima Sea Paradise (amusement park), the exhibition complex in Aichi and other facilities in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China. The Institute, in particular, conducted the research of the Trans-Siberian Railway from the point of view of global trade, reducing the delivery time to Europe from Asia.