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Pressing issues of gold mining industry are on the agenda

  • Published in Economy
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April 11 Aldan will host an interregional forum of gold miners, "Gold of Yakutia: Modernity and Development Trends," at which the gold mining companies of the Far Eastern Federal District will discuss most pressing problems of the industry.

The event will be attended by leaders of the Union of Industrialists of Russia, the Union of Prospectors of Russia, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia, public and scientific organizations, and gold miners of the Far Eastern region of Russia.

According to organizers from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Yakutia, the forum will allow the gold mining structures to discuss and jointly develop further prospects for the industry not only in Yakutia, but in general in the federal district.

General Director of "South Yakutia Development Corporation" joint-stock company Mikhail Brook, as well as President of the Chamber of Commerce of Yakutia Vladimir Chlenov will act as forum moderators.

It should be noted that the gold mining industry is of particular importance for the economy of Yakutia. Since its establishment in 1924 the development of the entire industry of the republic began. For 93 years the industry has passed a difficult path of development - from wheelbarrows and trays, to modern extracting and concentrating equipment.