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Investment program of Yakutia increased by 2.7 billion rubles

  • Published in Economy

The investment program of Yakutia in 2017 was increased by 2.7 billion rubles and will amount to 18.1 billion rubles owing to the receipt of federal funds, gratuitous receipts and transfer of funds, the first Deputy Minister of Economy of the republic, Maya Danilova, said during the government session, TASS reports.

As the Deputy Minister of Economy of the republic specified, the increase in the investment program occurred for the amount of balances and movement of current expenses in the amount of 522 million rubles, clarification of the federal funds receipt plan for the amount of 1.9 billion rubles, including the state program to eliminate the second shift in schools for 614 million rubles, sustainable development of rural areas, replenishment of the road fund, construction of housing for young families and construction of the first phase of Cancer Center. In addition, there was an increase by 315 million rubles thanks to donations.

According to Maya Danilova, the investment program for 2018 and 2019 will be 5.4 billion rubles and 5.8 billion rubles, of which 95% is the budget of the republic.

Earlier TASS reported with reference to the head of the republic that when optimizing the budget, optimization will primarily concern the investment program, while the social part and the salary part of the budget expenditures will not be reduced.

According to the budget adjustments that were made at the end of February this year, the revenue part of the republic's budget increased by 4.1 billion rubles through revenues from the federal budget and amounted to 170 billion rubles, expenditure part also increased by 4.1 billion rubles and amounted to 176.6 billion rubles. The budget deficit of the republic increased by 2.4 billion rubles and amounted to 6.6 billion rubles. At the same time, the state debt of Yakutia reached its maximum and at the end of 2017 will amount to 51.8 billion rubles, and at the end of the three-year budget - by the end of 2019, according to the Accounts Chamber of the republic, it will amount to 58 billion rubles.