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26 private investment projects claim to be included in the state program

  • Published in Economy

Minvostokrazvitiya of Russia has completed the selection of private investment projects for inclusion in the state program of the Russian Federation, "Socio-economic development of the Far East and the Baikal Region" and state support.

Minister of the Russian Federation on the development of the Far East Aleksandr Galushka noted that "26 applications were filed with the volume of private investments in the amount of more than 600 billion rubles."

Projects are related to different areas of economy. Most projects - fourteen – have something to do with agriculture and animal husbandry.

As the head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Egor Borisov noted, "two projects of the republic, aimed at the development of local production, are recommended to be included in the state program, they are related to agriculture and geographically located near the region's capital."

The first project being implemented in Yakutia, is connected with the construction of the year-round greenhouse complex in the suburbs of Yakutsk.

The second project involves the creation of a logistics center at the site of Saysary agricultural market. The construction project is aimed at solving one of the major problems of agriculture of the republic - sales. Its implementation will reduce the costs of commodity circulation and the final price for the consumer. According to preliminary estimates over a thousand jobs will be created.

Minvostokrazvitiya of Russia