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Condensing Power Plant-2 of Yakutsk to start operation in 2017

  • Published in Economy
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Large-scale projects are being implemented in Yakutia aimed at ensuring the safety and reliability of power supply. One of them - YAGRES-2 (Condensing Power Plant-2) that is scheduled to start operation in the third quarter of 2017.

Currently the facility readiness is 85 percent. The preparation for the trial run is on the stage of completion on gas turbines. Full completion of construction and commissioning is scheduled for the 3rd quarter of 2017. The facility is large, capital-intensive and technically challenging, so many subcontractors and suppliers are involved in the whole process.

The electrical capacity of the first stage of a new power plant will be 193 MW, heat capacity - 469 Gcal/h (taking into account the peaking water-heating boiler). The new station will replace the retiring capacity of the existing Yakutsk GRES, will establish a capacity reserve and improve the reliability of power supply to consumers.

Press-service of the head of Yakutia