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Grand-scale start-up project in Russia launches in Yakutsk

  • Published in Economy

In early 2017 the most ambitious start-up project in Russia launches in Yakutsk - Open Innovations Startup Tour. This important event for Yakutia is not only a competition of projects, but also a great educational program, communication with mentors and business gurus.

Exactly five years ago - December 28, 2011 – ‘Yakutia’ Technopark was established by the decision of the Head of the Republic Egor Borisov. Since then, Technopark has united more than 100 start-ups, which annually produce goods worth hundreds of millions rubles. Local innovations are on track in the domestic and foreign markets despite the harsh climate and transport isolation.

Technopark has become a unique platform in the Republic, bringing together educational, research and production spheres. Under the wing of Yakutsk Technopark ideas are brought to life: scientific support, manufacturing facilities, and investments - all you need for the establishment of production.

The branch of ‘Yakutia’ Technopark, created in 2013 in Neryungri also confidently took its niche among the enterprises of the district focused on establishing an effective framework for the introduction of new technologies and scientific developments.

‘Yakutia’ Technopark and its branch in Neryungri are the only ones of their kind in the Far East. They are multipurpose venues that host on its territory the production, office and other facilities for residents, where everything is gathered together for the solution of each specific task faced by innovators, so that it could meet the worldwide quality standards.

Today Technopark offers novice innovative businesses the most comprehensive and coherent support chain from "packing" of the project, attraction of investments, engineering services before entering into the industrial level and getting all the preferences from the regime of the zone of advanced development in the mode of "one window."

To date, there are 89 resident companies in Technopark that produce goods at the amount of 998 million rubles and pay more than 258 million rubles of taxes. During this time, it created 454 jobs.

During the work of ‘Yakutia’ Technopark  27 companies have worked out a complete cycle, they were the first residents.  The future leaders of these companies have come to Technopark with original ideas, not backed by anything but faith in success.

Technopark is working with Skolkovo Federal Foundation, and finds partners abroad. Five residents have become residents of Skolkovo. Technopark is a member of ASPA (Association of industrial parks in South-East Asia) and is focused on the huge market of the Asia-Pacific region.


‘Yakutia’ Technopark has received the status of a member of the World Association of Technoparks (IASP), which carries a mission to build a global network of technoparks and innovation centers around the world, contributing to their growth and development. The first export contract was signed in 2014 with China to supply nanocomposite additives to fodders.

At the initiative of Technopark, ‘Kangalassy’ Industrial Park was founded, and received support at the federal level, the Russian government has assigned the status of the zone of advanced development. Six graduates of Technopark have built factories and will launch production in the coming months.

Thanks to the work of ‘Yakutia’ Technopark the infrastructure projects are being implemented.  The construction of the second stage of Technopark, IT-park is ahead. For northerners IT-technology is an ideal venue to do endeavors, reports the Press service of Technopark.

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