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Osuokhai Dance at the World Festival of Youth in Sochi

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On the venue for mas-wrestling competition organized in the framework of the World Festival of Youth and Students, the Yakut people gathered peoples of the world for the round dance of Osuokhai. Honored artist of the republic, soloist of the National Dance Theater of Yakutia Dmitri Artemiev performed as a directing singer.
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The well of Yakut merchant Shergin becomes Cultural Heritage Site

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The famous Shergin Mine, a generally recognized monument to permafrost, received the federal status of a cultural heritage site. Based on the study of the soil in the Shergin mine, the existence of permafrost and rocks throughout the whole territory of the northeast of the country was proved for the first time in the world, YSIA reports.
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Colombian Tango by Dmitri Ribero-Ferreira

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A confirmation of the fact that cultural life is rather vibrant in Yakutsk was the show of Dmitri Ribero-Ferreira, invited by the State Philharmonic of the Republic. The Sakha Academic Theater hosted the only concert of the Colombian baritone, accompanied by the ArcoARTico string ensemble and Lena River Brass band.
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Yakutsk hosts Folk Crafts Exhibition

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The National Art Museum of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) presents "National Art - National Treasure" Exposition dedicated to 25th anniversary of the ‘Simekh’ National Center of Folk Arts and Crafts.
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The First Multimedia Historical Park in Yakutia


On Sunday, October 15, Yakutsk will host the opening of "Russia - My History" Regional Multimedia Historical Park. On October 10, the head of Yakutia, Egor Borisov, visited the Park, reports the website of the head of the region.

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12 Yakut films at the International Film Festival in South Korea

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A special program "Sakha Cinema: The World of Magical Nature and Myths" will be presented at 22nd International Busan Film Festival. 12 Yakut films will be shown in Busan, South Korea. This is reported by the Department for External Relations of the republic.
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