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A Movie By A Resident Of Yakutia Has Won A Golden Unicorn Award

Director Maxim Arbugaev has become a winner of the Golden Unicorn Award in London.

The news was announced by the Yakut International Film Festival on Facebook. The awards ceremony took place on November 25. Winners received unicorn shaped statuettes made of Bohemian glass with golden inlay.

Arbugaev’s documentary film "Kayury" has been recognized the best in the "The Best Ecology Student Film" category.
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The international contest of ice sculptures “Brillianty Yakutii” has started

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The international competition "Brillianty Yakutii" takes place as a part the "Zima nachinayetsya s Yakutii" festival. This year 25 teams from different countries and regions of Russia will compete for leadership in production of ice and snow sculptures. Participants include Mongolia, Netherlands, France, Belarus, China, Bashkortostan, Tyva, Chuvashia, St. Petersburg, Moscow region, Yakutsk and areas of the republic.

After the opening ceremony and drawing procedure, the teams have immediately started to get down to business. Within 5 days of the competition they must present to the judges ice and snow sculptures.

"My name is Rol Tiuen, me and my daughter have come from Holland. We are sculptors, and sometimes, when weather is cold enough we work with ice and snow, in Holland it rarely gets cold. It’s our first time visiting Yakutsk. Right from the ladder of the plane your cold weather and extensive open spaces amazed us. Comparing with Holland, it is very spacious here. We have never worked under such extreme conditions before, this morning we were told that temperature had fallen down to -40 degrees, but I think we will be okay".

"Me and my teammate are participating in your competition for the second time. Last year when I was here for the first time, I was mostly surprised by local people, who were very kind and responsive, and, of course, I was shocked by your cold weather. This year, despite being quite busy, I have arrived here once again to participate in the competition", – Li Shay from China says.

Results of the competition will be announced on December 2, sculptures of participants will please guests of the ice park "Северное сияние" throughout whole winter season.
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The Days of Olonkho Have Started in Yakutia

The ten-day long events of Olonkho have started in Yakutia. Official opening took place on Saturday at the Sakha academic theater of P.A. Oyunsky.

The events will continue until December 9.  A round table following the results of the international festival of storytellers "Po zovu zemli Olonkho" and the IV Republican forum "Yakut Epos Olonkho as the Historical and Cultural Source" will take place. Residents of the republic will be able to take part in the evenings of Olonkho, presentations, exhibitions, meetings of "Olonkho v moyej jizni", the “Yalga Olonkholoohun” project in cultural and educational institutions, municipal units. Also performances, courses for master teachers on training in narrator’s art within as a part of "Olonkho v moyej jizni" and many other things will be held, it is reported on the website of the government.

Olonkho is the ancient epic art of the Sakha people recognized by UNESCO as one of the masterpieces of the oral and intangible heritage of mankind.
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A Conductor From Japan Will Perform With A Symphony Orchestra In Yakutsk

A young Japanese conductor Utu Shimidze will come to Yakutsk for the second time at the end of November.

He will perform with the symphony orchestra “Symphonica ARTica” on November 29 at the concert hall of the Children's School of Arts No. 1. The concert will be held as a part of The Year of Japan in Russia, according to the Philharmonic of Yakutia’s website.

Utah Shimizu was born, grew up and studied in Tokyo - first at Toho Gakuen Music School, then at the Tokyo College of Music.

Shimizu also graduated from the St. Petersburg Conservatory of Rimsky-Korsakov, conducted the Symphony Orchestra of the Mariinsky Theater (Seaside Stage), the Tokyo New City Orchestra, the Romanian Royal Chamber Orchestra and the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra.

"The program of the concert will feature music by composers as Rimsky-Korsakov, Kosaku Yamada, Yasushi Akutagawa" the concert's announcement states.
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The Ice Town Of Yakutsk Is Preparing For The International Contest Of Snow And Ice Sculpting

At the end of November in the ice town "Polar Lights" located in the 202nd residential district of Yakutsk the annual competition of ice and snow sculpture will take place as a part of the All-Russian festival "The Winter Begins from Yakutia".

This year the international competition "Diamonds of Yakutia" attracted many teams of prominent ice and snow sculptors coming from France, Mongolia, Holland, China, Belarus, the central regions of Russia and Yakutia. About 20 teams are officially confirmed to participate at the moment. This year the main theme of the event is "Yakutsk – The Heart of The North".

Active ice dredging has already started in order to open the ice town on time and provide participants of the competition with necessary volume of materials. "In this season it is planned to prepare about 1.5 thousand cubic meters of ice and about 4 thousand cubic meters of snow. Now there is an ice dredging going on, and thanks to that we have already started to make an entrance group", - the head of the “Polar Lights” ice town Alexey Demyanov tells.

We will note that the competition will take place in the Ice town from November 27 to December 3, 2017. When the competition will come to its end the sculptures made by the participants will become a decoration for the Ice town, the organizing committee reports.
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First premiere in the Evenki language in Yakutsk


That's the end of the "Evenki project", and we witnessed the most important event for our people - the premiere of the play "Ayavri Khoktoli" ("The Path of Love"), the first ever full-fledged performance in the Evenki language.
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Success of Yakutia at Busan International Film Festival

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Cinematography is one of the most powerful means of promotion; fans of Yakut films are beginning to appear in the Asian markets. This is indicated by the participants of the special program of Yakut cinema at the 22nd Busan International Film Festival, who recently returned home.
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Yakut cinema on the screens of Busan

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On October 12, 22nd International Film Festival kicked off in the city of Busan in South Korea. Since October 16, a special program of Yakut cinema, which includes twelve full-length and short films, has been launched for the first time, reports the Sakha National Broadcasting Company.
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