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Oscar for Leo is ready

  • Published in Culture
Leos Oscar

‘Kierge’ Jewelry Company produced and presented the people's ‘Oscar’ for Leonardo DiCaprio. A silver statuette weighs 3.2 kilograms.

The news that the film enthusiasts of Yakutia decided to award their ‘Oscar’ to the popular American actor has spread around the world. Within a month, fans handed silver to ‘Kierge’ Jewelry Company where in five days the sculpture resembling the statue of the prestigious Film Award was cast.

"The product was cast absolutely free. The statue itself weighs 1.5 kg, below there is a stand of brass, its weight - about 1.7 kg,"- said the Art Director of ‘Kierge’ Stanislav Stepanov.

According to him, the Yakut ‘Oscar’ is not inferior to the original, although it’s two centimeters shorter.

Three masters – Aleksandr Manzhuriev, Prokopy Protopopov and Ruslan Neustroev - worked on a silver award. The sketch was made by famous Yakut sculptor Nikolai Chochchasov.

At present the organizers are waiting for a response from Foundation for Nature Protection led by Leonardo DiCaprio.