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Yakut Tusulge in American Park

  • Published in Culture

During the festival of the Sakha culture in America, held at venues of Gualala Arts Center, Fort Ross State Historic Park and Gualala Point Regional Park

 the Yakut tusulge consisting of five serge was opened.


The idea of ​​setting tusulge did not come out of nowhere. Back in the mid-90s the first works of historians on Fort Ross began to appear.At that time Marina Yakovleva, a Yakut who lives with her family in California, tracked down the archival materials about the fate of the Yakuts, who lived and built Fort Ross. First serge was established in 2012, in honor of the 200th anniversary of Fort Ross.

Long before the opening of tusulge, famous ethnographer William Yakovlev, craftsmen and an artist arrived in Fort Ross.The idea was not only widely understood, but also was enthusiastically supported by the leadership of Fort Ross.The full support of Sakha Diaspora in America, the Americans, who supported this project not only by their respectful interest, but also concrete support of volunteers - residents of nearby houses, Gualala Arts Center, substantially contributed to success.


Opening ceremony of blessing was held by the famous Yakut algyschyt. The ritual of meeting of the sun was held according to all the traditional canons of the Sakha people.  Aftersprinkling ground with koumiss, the White Shaman appealed to the gods and spirits, boys and girls accompanied him in the ceremony.The Sun in Gualala has risen to the strains of Algys and khomus. American friends purposely prepared light and black horses for the festival decorated with Yakut horse-covers, they have welcomed people by the serge with the algyschyt.Ysyakh was celebrated respecting all the canons of this beloved Yakut festival. Algys, fire feeding, ground sprinkling, koumiss libation, national food, sport games;  all this flashed quickly for this day of Ysyakh and was the culmination of the festival of the Yakut culture.

In the Art Center at the opening the Days of Yakutia festival gathered musicians, artists, art lovers and people of the coast.Everything was interesting for guests - painting and photo exhibitions, utensils, national Yakut clothes and jewelry. There were master classes of an artist, a wood carver and a khomus player.


An interesting project was also presented coming from the Ethnocultural Association "Elleyada" - translation of an article of Waldemar Johelson "Yakut koumiss and holiday decoration of koumiss vessels" in Russian and Yakut languages, which he wrote in 1906.

Ysyakh and the Festival of Yakut culture joined in a series of projects of Gualala Arts Center, symbolically called the Days of global harmony.Indeed, these days harmony has become palpable - in Yakut tusulge. It still attracts California residents.

Gualala - in the language of the local Pomo "two rivers", is a beautiful place that has been allocated by the Regional Parks District Sonoma.