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Eco-tourism on the Lena Pillars

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Executive Group of the Nature Park "Lena Pillars" took part in the First Russian-Chinese EXPO within the 25th anniversary of Commerce and Economic Fair in Harbin.Following the Exhibition-Fair the management of the Park is preparing several large-scale projects.

Exposition of the Nature Park at the International Exhibition aroused great interest among the participants and guests of the EXPO.The first tentative contacts with leading tour companies of China were established for the implementation of joint projects for future cooperation and collaboration in the development of controlled ecological tourism.

First of all, the management of the Park is promoting the goals and objectives of the Convention on the Protection of the World Heritage, at the same time it is maintaining a policy of promotion and advancement of the national brand "The Lena Pillars" on the international level.The Park plans to attract investment for the development of sustainable tourism in the area of World Heritage site.

Park Director Vasily Kalitin:

-We took part in the Conference on Russian-Chinese cooperation in the field of tourism.The Conference was organized by the Federal Agency for Tourism, Tour Operators Association "Peace without Borders", the National Administration on Tourism of China and Department of Tourism of the Heilongjiang Province.The Russiandelegation to the Conference was headed by Deputy Head of the Federal Tourism Agency Nikolay Korolev, the Chinese party - by Deputy Head of the National Administration on Tourism of China Yi Vensyue.For the employees of the Park it was the first experience of participation in such international events, and we have had some success.

By the end of a business trip, we can note that the Exhibition aroused great interest of Chinese travel agencies operating in the international tourism market.There is the first proposal for a joint project to organise environmental youth camps under the current program "Learn Russia" by the Chinese party and "Learn China" by the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).The second proposal is to organize joint trips to natural parks on both sides and exchange of tourists.



This EXPO was attended by about 11,000 businessmen from 67 countries and regions of the world including 5,000 people from Russia - the official representatives of 12 federal agencies and 108 delegations from different Russian regions. Total number of EXPO visitors exceeded 280,000 people.