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Top Flight Cinema: 'The Lord Eagle' conquers the world screen

  • Published in Culture
Tsar Bird1

April 23 the KARO 11 October movie-theater hosted the world premiere of the feature film The Czar-Bird by Eduard Novikov, included in the main program of 40th Moscow International Film Festival.

The Yakut film is participating for the first time in the main competitive program of the Moscow International Film Festival. Among the 15 films participating in the main competition, there are only two Russian ones - Eduard Novikov's Toyon Kyyl (The Lord Eagle) and Yang Ge's Nu from China.

The Lord Eagle is based on the story of Vasily Yakovlev "The larch that has aged with me."

The place of action is alaas in the godforsaken spot, where, as in a Russian fairy tale, once upon a time lived an old man with an old woman .... Once their quiet life is violated by an eagle descending from heaven directly to their yard. The frightened couple ask the shaman for help who orders to kill one of the cows to propitiate the unexpected guest. But it was in the 1930s, after the shaman, Komsomol members appear in the alaas ...

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Film cameraman Semyon Amanatov, director Eduard Novikov and Lord Eagle with the owner.

The premiere show of the film simply stunned many with the beauty of field shootings, giving a detailed picture of the realities of life in Yakutia in the 30s of the last century. And most importantly - extraordinary cosmic philosophy of the Yakut people, which is based on close communion with nature and their natural kindness. The core message of the film - good generates good, and only people with a kindly heart can live in such conditions, when it would seem impossible to survive. Not only for humans, but for animals as well.

Tsar Bird4

Some viewers could not hold back tears, imbued with touching vicissitudes of the fate of the main characters. "Thank you, Yakutia, for such a film," people said after watching, wiping tears of gratitude.