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Works of Yakut artist Anna Kerehit presented in Belgium

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Anna Kerehit1

April 8 in Bruges, Belgium, the church of St. Catherine hosted the presentation of the works of Anna Petrova-Kerehit. The church has acquired two works by Anna "Huntan haannah, kimtan kiinneeh ... (Where I come from…)" and "Yuhyueen. True story."

The church found the Yakut artist following the international project of the Arctic State Institute of Culture and Arts "Art of the Arctic-2017. Nomadic Scrolls." The idea of the teachers of the Arctic State Institute of Culture and Arts, united by the desire to continue traveling exhibitions around the world, found support from the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia in the form of a grant. And in the autumn the artists, with the help of Olga Monastiryova, who lives in Belgium, held an exhibition of Yakut artists in Bruges, this was the seventh country that saw the Nomadic Scrolls. The authors of the project are teachers of the Arctic State Institute of Culture and Arts, artists Tuyara Shaposhnikova, Anna Petrova, Olga Rakhleeva, Nadezhda Ivanova, Natalia Nikolaeva, as well as artists Olga Monastiryova, Galina Okoemova, Sardana Ivanova, Irina Mekumyanova, Olga Skorikova, Nadezhda Fedulova, etc.

Anna Kerehit2

Anna Petrova-Kerehit leads the Design and Decorative and Applied Arts Department of the Arctic State Institute of Culture and Arts. She is also known in the scientific community as a researcher of the history of art, she is Candidate of Sciences in Art History.

Critics on the aesthetics of Anna Kerehit: "A representative of modern Yakut art of a new direction, possessing a universal talent. Her works are authentic, informal for the Yakut sociocultural context and to a certain extent they are a forecast, for they set a search vector that will brightly declare itself in the art of Yakutia in the next decade.”

Anna Kerehit3

Anna Petrova-Kerehit:

- After receiving a proposal to repeat the work "Where I come from" for the church of St. Catherine, I asked the customers why this particular work. They answered that it was just what they needed. In Europe, they feel stumped by the migration processes that are taking place now, and in this big stream many do not remember who they are, from where and who they derive their origin from...

At the presentation, Anna Kerehit was represented by our compatriot, an artist, Olga Monastiryova.

Her style can be described as abstract realism and tangible materiality, which can be added to the term ethnomodern, which is characteristic of some young Yakut artists who express their world outlook in the language of modern neo-symbolism on the basis of national ethnic traditions.

Anna Kerehit4

The original creativity of Anna Petrova is close to the modern concept of scientific art, and due to its ambiguity, abstractness and symbolism is doomed to a multitude of interpretations.

The works of Anna Kerehit are kept in state collections and private collections in Russia and other countries.

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