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Tuymaada Ysyakh could become a masterpiece of UNESCO

  • Published in Culture
Tuymaada Ysyakh
has every reason to become a masterpiece of UNESCO's intangible heritage 

This opinion was expressed by Doctor of History Ekaterina Romanova. The ethnographer presented the concept of the festival during the organizational meeting on the 2018 Tuymaada Ysyakh, chaired by the head of the city Aisen Nikolaev.


According to the concept presented by the Doctor of History, the head of the Ethnography of the peoples of the North-East of Russia at the Institute of Humanitarian Research and Problems of Indigenous Peoples of the North of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences Ekaterina Romanova, Tuymaada Ysyakh should be considered as a living heritage of the steppe culture of the peoples of Eurasia.

According to her, the festival performs an international mission, uniting the traditions of calendar holidays of the peoples of South Siberia, Central Asia, the Turkic peoples of Caucasus and Crimea. Therefore, the key activities of Tuymaada Ysyakh should be the elements related to the horse breeding culture of the steppe peoples: the ritual of koumys libation, reverence for the horse, horse racing and others.

Ekaterina Romanova noted that, unfortunately, today many ethnic groups have lost the traditional elements of such holidays. In Yakutia, they are preserved and transmitted to the younger generation thanks to the Guinness records, which have already become one of the traditions of Tuymaada Ysyakh.


"To date, Tuymaada Ysyakh is one of the key national holidays of Russia, it attracts more attention from the international community. In this regard, our responsibility to preserve this tradition is growing," she said.

The meeting participants agreed with this approach and approved the proposed concept. It was decided that the central symbols of Tuymaada Ysyakh will be riders, blacksmiths, Algys rite, and a koumys libation ceremony.

According to the head of the culture department of the District Administration Antonida Koryakina, the celebration of 2018 Tuymaada Ysyakh in the territory of the Yus-Khatyng area, will include more than 120 events, including ceremonial ritual programs, contests, sports and entertainment events, the ‘Divine Drink of Koumys’ festival.


The Mayor of the city asked to pay special attention to the fact that this year Yakutia celebrates 125th anniversary of Platon Oyunsky (the founder of Yakut literature), and this anniversary date should be reflected in the 2018 Tuymaada Ysyakh program.