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Author of books in French about the little mammoth Kyym in Yakutsk

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On March 28, the general director of Sitim Media Group Maria Khristoforova met with Jean-Michel Chevry, the author of the book/album The Holiday of the Sun in Yakutia, as well as a series of books for children about the little Yakut mammoth Kyym.


The series consists of books The Little Mammoth Kyym, The Little Mammoth Kyym in the Circus and The Little Mammoth Kyym at the Feast of the Sun, which tells about the Ysyakh holiday.

In France, children discovered distant Yakutia by reading a book about a little mammoth named Kyym. And now the cherished dream of many little Parisians is the idea of revival of mammoth, this is the dream the author of the book as well.

Jean-Michel Chevry arrived along with musician Tom Oberge and illustrator of the book Robin Gunin. As part of the visit to Yakutia, the they will participate in the conference of the Khatan Magazine Conference by Sitim Media Group, meetings with students, Quantorium Children’s Technopark, concerts in the Wild Duck pub and the Drova gastrobar and a visit to Vilyuisky ulus, where they will meet with schoolchildren.

Jean-Michel Chevry, author of the book about the adventures of the little mammoth Kyym (kyym in the Yakut language means spark), is known not only in France, but also in Yakutia. Let's note, Jean-Michel is a man of many talents. He is a musician, poet, writer, president of the ZigetZig Association, organizer of concerts of Yakut performers, exhibitions of Yakut artists in France. Besides, he gave a large number of charity concerts in Yakutsk and uluses of the republic. He has been visiting Yakutia since 1999.

In each edition, French illustrators with amazing accuracy reflect our harsh and fabulous Yakutia with the help of photographs of Jean-Michel. The book serves the unity and friendship of peoples, glorifies the Yakut mammoths and contributes to the improvement of the skills of children in French.

This year the children's newspaper Belem Buol (Be ready) together with the French Philology Department of the Institute of Foreign Philology and Regional Studies at M.K. Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University organized a competition in translation from French into Russian and Yakut languages.

In addition, was announced another contest, which collected more than 20 craft figurines of mammoths and more than 200 drawings. Children from Yakutsk, Gorny, Srednekolymsky, Suntar, Namsky, Vilyui districts took part. Jean-Michel noted the originality of children's works and said that each child reflected his/her vision of the mammoth.

Jean-Michel began his cooperation with Sitim Media Group in 2013, when together with the French Philology Department of the Institute of Foreign Philology and Regional Studies at M.K. Ammosov NEFU conducted a large-scale action Keep on living, Little Mammoth Kyym to collect origami mammoths made by children from different countries in support of the cloning of this prehistoric animal. In 2014, a mammoth statue from a thousand origami was installed in the State Circus of Yakutia. Recall that today the scientists of the University are conducting a study of Malolyakhovsky mammoth.