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Sakha Theater made more than one and a half million on tour

  • Published in Culture
The Sakha Theater summed up the tours in the regions of Yakutia, which lasted for a month.
Traditionally, the actors of the theater were divided into three teams and thus the territorial coverage turned out, as always, quite large.

What is noteworthy, as the director of the theater, Anatoly Nikolaev, notes, this year it was possible to ring a register, which amounted to more than 1.600 thousand rubles.

In total, the actors gave 91 performances, and the audience was 6.990 people (5.396 people last year). That is, as Anatoly Nikolaev sums up, "we have exceeded our plans by every measure by more than one hundred percent."

In addition to the performances, the actors of the theater arrange meetings with the population, give master classes and improvised concerts.


Reporting on the work done, each of the teams showed on a small film, in which the actors captured fragments of performances, their meetings with the public and just memorable travel moments. All of them are made with a great sense of humor and not without self-irony, as it should be for good actors.

This meeting of the troupe, in addition to summarizing, was also held on the eve of the International Theater Day, which is celebrated on March 27. And in this connection the Ministry of Culture of the Republic awarded several theater employees with honorary diplomas, among them Galina Petrova and Alena Savvinova.