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Yakutsk celebrates Day of Mother Tongue and Writing

  • Published in Culture
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The State Opera and Ballet Theater gathered together linguists, writers, heads of libraries and publishing houses at a gala evening dedicated to the Day of Mother Tongue and Writing.

In total, in the republic the Yakut language is taught in 419 schools out of 652, the Even language - in 12 schools, Evenk - in 19, Yukaghir - in three, 59 children learn the Chukchi language, and 132 children - the Dolgan language. This was announced in the speech by the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the region, Mikhail Gulyaev.

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The guest of the event was the President of the Association of Book Publishers of Russia, Konstantin Chechenev. He noted the contribution of the Yakut book publishing house "Bichik" to the preservation and development of the languages of the peoples of the North:

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- Our association includes all publishers, releasing books in national languages; there are more than 270 of them. In my opinion, the publishing house "Bichik" is one of the most professional. It has been producing books for more than 95 years in the languages of peoples living in your beautiful land.

Within the project Writers to Schools, libraries of city children's educational institutions received certificates worth 150.000 rubles to buy books from the publishing house "Bichik."

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"Writers are constantly attending schools, they hold meetings in libraries. We want to make this gift to our young readers to continue this good tradition,” said one of the organizers of the event, Chairman of the Writers’ Association of Yakutia Oleg Sidorov.