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In Yakutsk artists will draw cityscapes in 50-degree frosts

  • Published in Culture
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The National Art Museum of Yakutia invites the Yakutians to the coldest drawing class. Participants of the open-air will paint cityscapes directly on the street in 50-degree frosts.

Residents of Yakutsk under the guidance of the artist of the workshop of the National Art Museum of the RS (Y) Natalia Gavrilieva will paint the cityscapes in the Old Town. To do this, they will use materials that will not get frozen: pencils, charcoal and dry pastels. Also, participants of the open-air will try to capture winter beauty with oil colors, but not the fact that they withstand the temperature.

"Previously, artists had to paint in any, even the most severe conditions. We want to experience this on ourselves, because the alfresco drawings are more alive. I once went to the open air in May; even then the oil colors got frozen. Let's see how we can do it in -50," the project manager, graphic artist Natalia Gavrilieva shares.

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