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Fur coats from reindeer skins and costumes of the XVIII century: Exhibition of Verkhoyansk masters

  • Published in Culture
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Verkhoyansk folk masters exhibit their works of deer wool, horse hair, leather and other materials in the ‘Urgel’ art gallery.

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masters of the Verkhoyansk ulus exhibit 200 works in Yakutsk. At the exhibition visitors can see horse and reindeer decorations, national costumes, jewelry, dolls, panels pictures and souvenirs.

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“Art always comes from the people, it is clear from the works that the masters were inspired by the Verkhoyansk land. They used materials that their ancestors used,” director of the ‘Urgel’ art gallery, artist Yuri Spiridonov tells about the exhibition.  

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People's craftswoman Maria Ammosova has been engaged in needlework since childhood. "I am a member of the folk masters association ‘Uraan iis.’ I'm interested in the culture of the indigenous peoples of Yakutia. One of the exhibits is an Evenk costume from the 18th century, it is made according to the old design. It took me 5 months to make it. Also, I exhibit a winter outfit made of reindeer skins," shares the northern craftswoman.

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Associate Professor of the Department of Folklore and Culture of the Institute of Languages and Culture of the Peoples of the North-East of the Russian Federation, MK Ammosov NEFU, Svetlana Petrova leads the folk masters association ‘Uraan iis’ on the basis of the University's workshop. She herself explores the features of the technological culture of Yakut sewing and of peoples of the North. "Now Yakutia is experiencing a boom of traditional national sewing: everyone weaves horsehair, sews Yakut dresses. Masters, not knowing the technology, sometimes allow distortions, so I advise the members of the association on cutting, on the ornamentation so that they do not make mistakes," she told.

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