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Yakut sculptors are the best at International Snow and Ice Festival

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The team ‘Mususuus’ from Yakutia made the sculpture Fishing Season, which won the first place in the category ‘Snow’ at ‘Magic Ice of Siberia’ International Festival in Krasnoyarsk.

4th International Open Snow and Ice Sculpture Festival Magic Ice of Siberia was held on the island of Tatyshev within the boundaries of Krasnoyarsk January 5-9. More than 50 sculptors from all over Russia, as well as Belarus, Latvia and Japan took part in it.

The best ice carvers are sculptors from Yekaterinburg, and the family team "Muusuus" from Yakutia became the best in the snow. All participants were given 4 days to work on the sculpture; the Yakut team used a traditional knife to create a sculpture.


They made the composition named Fishing Season, which, according to the organizers, amazed the guests of the festival in the process of creation. Sculpture represents fishermen with nets and a boat. One of the characters rides on a bear.

In addition to the first place in the category ‘Snow’, the Yakut team received a special prize from the Executive Directorate of the XXIX World Winter Universiade 2019.

The festival 'Magic Ice of Siberia' is being held in Krasnoyarsk since 2013. Next year it will be part of the cultural program of the Universiade 2019.
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