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Chukchi celebrate the New Year today

  • Published in Culture
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The Chukchi celebrate the New Year a week earlier than the rest of the world. It happens on the longest night of the year - from December 21 to 22.

It is a Pegytti holiday, named after a ritual star that rises that night. In traditional astronomy, it is the star Altair in the constellation Aquila. For the Chukchi, Pegytti's ascent marks the beginning of the new year, since from that moment the light day began to grow, the Association of Indigenous Minorities of Yakutia reminded.

Pegytti holiday was closely linked not only with the ideas of the Chukchi that the heavenly bodies have a direct impact on life on earth, but also the way of economic – reindeer herding. Thus, the northern people tried to appease the evil spirits. It was believed that this night you cannot think about the bad, you need to celebrate the New Year only with good wishes. In this case, the whole next year will bring luck and joy. It's not only for the Northeners. After all, it is not so important whether the Chukchi dance around the ritual bonfires now or not - it is important how people feel about the holiday.