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Yakut films awarded at ‘Arctic Open’ International Film Festival

  • Published in Culture
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Yakut films became winners in two categories of the ‘Arctic Open’ First International Festival in Arkhangelsk. "24 Snow" and "Saasky Kem (Springtime)" have deserved recognition for camerawork.

I International Film Festival ‘Arctic Open’ takes place in Arkhangelsk for the first time. The organizer of the event is the ‘Bereginya’ cultural foundation. In total, 52 films from Russia, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, China, Canada, France, Georgia and other countries were candidates for the victory.

In general, the festival's shortlist included 16 documentaries, 9 fiction and 2 animated films. They were shown at 14 venues of the city.

Yakut films took part in two programs of the festival. In the category of documentary film, the republic was presented with "24 snow" by Mikhail Barynin, and in the fiction film category - the drama "Saasky Kem" by Aleksei Romanov. In Arkhangelsk, they were presented by Dmitry Shadrin, director of the Sakhafilm film company.

The film, telling about the life of an ordinary Yakut horse breeder, won in the nomination of Best Cameraman Documentarian. The jury noted the work of Yuri Berezhnev, Semyon Amanatov and Mikhail Kardashevsky. And the story of Nikita, 9-year-old boy, was appreciated; the drama "Saasky Kem" won the nomination Best Cameraman. It was also filmed by Mikhail Kardashevsky.

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Arctic Open –is the festival of feature and documentary films. Its goal is to unite filmmakers of the Arctic basin, to acquaint viewers with the achievements of filmmakers of the eight Arctic countries and simply draw attention to the Arctic. The competition films should disclose the theme of national culture, cooperation between man and nature.