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Yakutia Will Present Northern Fish, Throat Singing and Investment Projects at the Far East Days

  • Published in Culture
The Days of the Far East will take place in Moscow from 8 to 16 December.

Yakutia will present northern kitchen, culture and investment potential of the region at the days of the Far East in Moscow which will take place on December 8-16. "Yakutia will present souvenir products made of mammoth bone, horsehair and porcelain at the Far East fair. Residents of Moscow will be able to buy northern fish at the fair’s fish market - chir, frozen and smoked omul, berry products, venison and foal meat", - the interviewee from the agency has told.

According to him, an entertainment program is planned.

"Our actors will present the culture of the people of Yakutia, including tojuk (throat singing), khomus (jew’s harp music)", - Vasilyev has explained.

Besides, as a part of a business program presentation of strategy of development for the region till 2030, as well as presentations of a transport complex and investment projects will take place, the interviewee from the agency has added.  “It is very important for investors to understand the level of transport infrastructure and freights delivery are", - he has explained.

On December 15 to 17 another event called the Days of the Sakha Republic will take place in Moscow and St. Petersburg which are dedicated for the 385 anniversary of the republic’s entry into the structure of the Russian state.