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The international contest of ice sculptures “Brillianty Yakutii” has started

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The international competition "Brillianty Yakutii" takes place as a part the "Zima nachinayetsya s Yakutii" festival. This year 25 teams from different countries and regions of Russia will compete for leadership in production of ice and snow sculptures. Participants include Mongolia, Netherlands, France, Belarus, China, Bashkortostan, Tyva, Chuvashia, St. Petersburg, Moscow region, Yakutsk and areas of the republic.

After the opening ceremony and drawing procedure, the teams have immediately started to get down to business. Within 5 days of the competition they must present to the judges ice and snow sculptures.

"My name is Rol Tiuen, me and my daughter have come from Holland. We are sculptors, and sometimes, when weather is cold enough we work with ice and snow, in Holland it rarely gets cold. It’s our first time visiting Yakutsk. Right from the ladder of the plane your cold weather and extensive open spaces amazed us. Comparing with Holland, it is very spacious here. We have never worked under such extreme conditions before, this morning we were told that temperature had fallen down to -40 degrees, but I think we will be okay".

"Me and my teammate are participating in your competition for the second time. Last year when I was here for the first time, I was mostly surprised by local people, who were very kind and responsive, and, of course, I was shocked by your cold weather. This year, despite being quite busy, I have arrived here once again to participate in the competition", – Li Shay from China says.

Results of the competition will be announced on December 2, sculptures of participants will please guests of the ice park "Северное сияние" throughout whole winter season.
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