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The Ice Town Of Yakutsk Is Preparing For The International Contest Of Snow And Ice Sculpting

  • Published in Culture
At the end of November in the ice town "Polar Lights" located in the 202nd residential district of Yakutsk the annual competition of ice and snow sculpture will take place as a part of the All-Russian festival "The Winter Begins from Yakutia".

This year the international competition "Diamonds of Yakutia" attracted many teams of prominent ice and snow sculptors coming from France, Mongolia, Holland, China, Belarus, the central regions of Russia and Yakutia. About 20 teams are officially confirmed to participate at the moment. This year the main theme of the event is "Yakutsk – The Heart of The North".

Active ice dredging has already started in order to open the ice town on time and provide participants of the competition with necessary volume of materials. "In this season it is planned to prepare about 1.5 thousand cubic meters of ice and about 4 thousand cubic meters of snow. Now there is an ice dredging going on, and thanks to that we have already started to make an entrance group", - the head of the “Polar Lights” ice town Alexey Demyanov tells.

We will note that the competition will take place in the Ice town from November 27 to December 3, 2017. When the competition will come to its end the sculptures made by the participants will become a decoration for the Ice town, the organizing committee reports.