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Success of ‘Tuymaada’ Ensemble at ‘Fiestalonia Georgia’ International Contest

  • Published in Culture

‘Tuymaada’ State Vocal Ensemble won the ‘Vocal’ nomination at ‘Fiestalonia Georgia’ International Contest, which was held October 25-30 in Tbilisi, Georgia.

According to the Ministry of Culture of Yakutia, the jury highly appreciated the skill of Yakut singers who brilliantly performed the Georgian song "Lake" to the music of Merab Partskhaladze and the Yakut song "Biһigi Baarbyt - Sakhalar!," the lyrics by Omuk Uol, melody by Vasily Eremeev in the arrangement by Svetlana Ivanova.

Participation in the international contest of vocal art, held in the homeland of the famous male Ensemble ‘Rustavi,’ which is the bearer of the traditional multi-voiced singing of Georgia recognized by UNESCO as ‘Masterpiece of World Art,’ became an honorable and responsible event for the Ensemble of Tuymaada.

The competition was held with the support of Tbilisi Mayor David Narmania, the European Council, the UNESCO Guide, and the British International Federation of International Festivals.

For 30 years Tuymaada State Vocal Ensemble managed to create a diverse repertoire from more than 300 polyphonic Yakut ensemble songs under the direction of the Honored Worker of Arts of Yakutia, Honored Worker of Arts of Russia Svetlana Ivanova.


In 1998, the men's quartet joined the Ensemble. At present, the male part of the Ensemble, which consists of seven singers, became one of the most popular, favorite vocal groups in Yakutia.

On the way back from Georgia in Moscow the singers of Yakutia will meet with the Ensemble "Russkaya Pesnya (Russian Song)" under the direction of People's Artist of Russia Nadezhda Babkina.