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First premiere in the Evenki language in Yakutsk

  • Published in Culture

That's the end of the "Evenki project", and we witnessed the most important event for our people - the premiere of the play "Ayavri Khoktoli" ("The Path of Love"), the first ever full-fledged performance in the Evenki language.

The performance shown from the stage exceeded all expectations, the main thing from the whole palette of emotions and feelings is pride, pride in our culture, pride in our relatives, who were able to transform from ordinary people - school and university students, middle-aged people of different professions and pensioners - into real actors. Of course, the results in a project of this scale are impossible without the professionalism and flair of the director - young and talented Evenki Olga Safronova and her equally gifted husband - Aleksandr Buldaev.

A little bit about the idea and history of the project: this spring I was approached by Viktoria Nikolaeva, daughter of the Evenki leader in Olekma, Arsenty Nikolaev, with the idea of staging an Evenki performance in the native language. "Well, the idea is beautiful, we can try, but only one person can help us in this - Olga," I replied. Olga's response, as expected, was "Evenki" lightning fast "Let's do it!" Director's welcome received, set to work - prepared an application for a grant on behalf of the Evenki Association of Yakutia and, thanks to Nebu-Buga and the Ministry for Development of Civil Society Institutions of the RS (Yakutia)! - we won.

Further, we discussed who would take such a project in terms of administration. I am grateful that best Evenki administrator of many ethnic projects, the head of the creative group "Girkilen" Anastasia Kulichkina did not deny us.

October 29, 2017 - the date that we were looking forward with some excitement. What we saw surpassed all the boldest expectations. An unusually new view of traditional culture, the use of modern technologies, the amazing transformation of amateur actors, and, most importantly, the live Evenki speech, created that very miracle.

"Ayavri Khoktoli" is the love story of the girl Birai (Like the flow of the pure river) and the young man of Ayargan (The ace of aces), the love that was able to reconcile and save two great Evenki families from death. The play tells the story of bravery and courage, optimism and goodness.

Here is the talented performer of the Evenki songs Natalia Briz in the image of the goddess. She utters a complex and voluminous monologue without the slightest accent, causing admiration of the audience...

Here are the main characters - Ayargan (Uigu Semenov, soloist of the Evenki dance ensemble ‘Dolbor’) and Birai (Karina Vasilieva, soloist of the Evenki folk ensemble ‘Oronchikan’).

The dances choreographed jointly by members of the dance groups of ‘Oronchikan,’ ‘Dolbor’ and ‘Girkilen’ are easy and harmonious! They are very Evenki.

Listening to modern music that harmoniously combined with the typical Evenk traditions, amplifying the emotional background in every action, hearing the sounds of the Untuvun (tambourine), at some moment, I felt that even our spirits heard what was happening on this evening on stage. Heard and rejoiced with us - the Evenki. My lips involuntarily whispered: "Bugakakun, boridyakal" - Heaven, please grant...

Give us good luck! Give us talent, patience and unity, so that our children and grandchildren can speak their native Evenki language!



By Aleksandr VARLAMOV

Photo by Elena Vasilieva,

Member of the Evenki Association of the RS (Y)