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Success of Yakutia at Busan International Film Festival

  • Published in Culture
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Cinematography is one of the most powerful means of promotion; fans of Yakut films are beginning to appear in the Asian markets. This is indicated by the participants of the special program of Yakut cinema at the 22nd Busan International Film Festival, who recently returned home.

"Yakuts and Koreans are mentally kindred. In addition, in many ways Korean business is changing direction, leaving China and focusing on Russia. In this regard, it was very important for us to come into the spotlight at such a big event," said the head of the Department of External Relations of Yakutia Vladimir Vasiliev.

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At 22nd largest Asian Film Festival of A –class in South Korea, October 15 - 21, 12 Yakut films were presented. They entered the "special focus" program and aroused the interest of the people of Korea to Yakutia.

"Earlier this special program consisted of films from entire countries, and Yakutia, although it is a region, was presented as a separate layer of cinema. This tells about the quality and level of our cinema," emphasized Sardana Savvina, organizer of a special program project.

"Busan creates trends; the entire global film market will react to them. This is really a big step, because the reaction to our films was instant. We were immediately asked: "How can I get to Yakutia?" says Artistic Director of ‘Sakhafilm’ Company Alexei Romanov.

Director Stepan Burnashev notes that the level of work of Yakut cinematographers is comparable to the films of European countries:”When we talked with colleagues, they were very surprised that we shoot even at minus 50. Although we are not talking about the budget of our films, but now there is confidence and understanding of the possibilities."

Film professionals all over the world recognize The Busan Film Festival as one of the most important demonstration venues of the international film industry. In 2006, the Busan Film Festival opened the Asian Film Market, designed to promote the film business in all its aspects and become a global center for Asian cinema and the world film industry.

The Busan Film Festival presents about 270 films. World or international premiere of about one third of these films is held here. Every year, the Festival and the film market are attended by up to 7000 film professionals, as well as 1700 representatives of the press.