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Yakut cinema on the screens of Busan

  • Published in Culture
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On October 12, 22nd International Film Festival kicked off in the city of Busan in South Korea. Since October 16, a special program of Yakut cinema, which includes twelve full-length and short films, has been launched for the first time, reports the Sakha National Broadcasting Company.


Producer and promoter Sardana SAVVINA, directors Alexei ROMANOV ("Mappa"),  Semyon ERMOLAEV ("Saiylyk"), Stepan BURNASHEV ("Kyuryoiekh") and Tatiana EVERSTOVA ("His daughter") arrived in Busan.

 Film professionals all over the world recognize The Busan Film Festival as one of the most important demonstration venues of the international film industry. In 2006, the Busan Film Festival opened the Asian Film Market, designed to promote the film business in all its aspects and become a global center for Asian cinema and the world film industry.