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Transcontinental race will pass through Yakutsk

  • Published in Culture
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May 27, 2018 teams of athletes will start at the same time from St. Petersburg and New York.

Transcontinental race on electric, hydrogen and solar cars from St. Petersburg to New York and back will take place next spring, the first qualifying race will be held in late October in Moscow. This was announced at a press conference in TASS by the vice-president of the organizing committee of the competitions, Anna MATSKEVICH.

"This will be the first transcontinental race in the world with the participation of electric, hydrogen and solar cars (cars that use solar energy - TASS), which will be called "New Amsterdam." May 27, 2018 from St. Petersburg and New York simultaneously start teams of athletes. Pit-stops are planned in Novosibirsk, Yakutsk, Anadyr, Sitka, Seattle, San Francisco and Washington," she said.

According to the organizers, qualifying races will be held this year. "As in any race, we'll start with test races, and on October 21, the first stage of qualifying race to St. Petersburg starts from the Moscow City complex," said Matskevich.

"Chief taxi driver of France" for friendship between countries

One of the participants in the first race will be famous actor Sami NASERI, who played one of the main roles in the French films "Taxi." He will start with his friend, French singer Murad BURAVI.

"We want to participate in this rally to support the Year of Ecology, and we want to get to America to help strengthen the commonwealth between the two countries. We would like to overcome the first stage to St. Petersburg, but if I am invited to continue to participate in this project, I will be "for." In terms of piloting I do not have any problems, Murad and I will drive the car ourselves,” said the actor, answering TASS.

He noted that he would be happy to compete with the permanent director of the films "Taxi" Luc BESSON, who was also invited to participate in the rally. "Of course, I would gladly compete with him for the right to win this race," joked Naseri.