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12 Yakut films at the International Film Festival in South Korea

  • Published in Culture
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A special program "Sakha Cinema: The World of Magical Nature and Myths" will be presented at 22nd International Busan Film Festival. 12 Yakut films will be shown in Busan, South Korea. This is reported by the Department for External Relations of the republic.

Organizers of the Sakha Cinema Club are invited to hold a special focus of Yakut cinema by the program director of the Busan International Film Festival, Mr. Kim Ji-Siu.

The selection of Yakut films took place during the summer. According to the results of the selection committee headed by the program selector, Mr. Jin Park, 12 Yakut films were selected into the special focus program - seven full-length movies and five shorts, which reflect the picture of the formation and development of Yakut cinema.