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Yakut singer Saina gained two nominations for "Prestige" Canadian Award

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Well-known singer, Honored Artist of the Republic of Sakha Saina nominated in two categories for the "Prestige" Canadian social premium, which encourages outstanding merits of the Russian-speaking community of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

The annual award was established in 2014. Organizer/founder of the competition in Toronto is a non-profit association of Business and Cultural Networking Association From Russia with Love.
Goals and objectives of the award - the consolidation and integration of the Russian-speaking community; promotion of the creation of a common information Russian-speaking space in Toronto;  representation of the achievements of the Russian-speaking community at the city level. In addition, the award is designed to increase the rating of trust to the Russian-speaking community, the attractiveness of Russian-speaking business; create a favorable environment for dating, socializing, and recreation of Russian-speaking entrepreneurs.

Prominent figures of Canada, Russia and members of the public award the "Prestige" winners in a festive atmosphere.
"We are pleased that this year we have received an application for Ekaterina Savvinova (Saina), Honored Artist of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).  The Russian-speaking community of Toronto is very familiar with wonderful singer Saina, who throughout 2014 has participated in numerous meetings, concerts and events, successfully representing Russian culture,"- said the organizers.
Saina gained "Culture, art, creative heritage" and "Discovery of the Year" nominations for Prestige Toronto 2014.

On competition conditions, the "Prestige" Award ceremony is open to all finalists.An obligatory condition is the presence of all finalists at the ceremony, as the results of the vote of the jury will be announced only at the gala awards ceremony, which will be held April 16, 2015 in the "National" banquet hall.


Events of 2014:

1.     February 10 at Musideum
        Saina Singer and George Koller in Russian-Canadian project “Songs of Gaia”,   
2.     March 1 - Participation in the “Maslenitsa” Pancake week festival at Blue Mountain.
3.     March 6 - Participation in the Babushka restaurant at an event organized by Charity Foundation for Sick Children in gratitude to the sponsors of the Fund. Organizer - Nina Zaslavskaya.
4.     March 11 - Saina and Geo back into the recording studio Number 9 Audio Group.
5.     March 27 – Performance at a dinner party in honor of LEGENDARY TENORS IN TORONTO at the invitation of Nina Zaslavskaya.Three Tenors from the Holy Land in the charity program in support of children's art schools of North York.
6.     March 28 – Recital of Saina at the National.
7.     April 1 - A joint concert with the Canadian musicians at Musideum. Two projects improvisation concert.
8.     April 18 - Participation in the Award Gala Prestige 2013 in Montreal.
9.     April 27 - Participation in All that jazz concert with jazz musicians from Chicago at the National. They played with Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and many others.
10.   May 8 - Participation in the gala evening to celebrate the victory for veterans at the Russian-Jewish culture Center.
11.   Late April. Russian-Canadian project "Songs of the Spirit of the Earth" - Songs of Gaia
        First album was released in 2013.  It was recorded in studio of Ken Worth and Igor Vrabac.
 At the end of April we have applied to participate in the Music Prize of First Nations of Canada. And gained “Best International Release” nomination. Totally there were 22            nominations. For the first time in 9 years of the Prize, Russia took part in the person of Saina.In the international category there were represented 4 countries - Russia, Canada,  Cuba and Equador.
 Voting was held online from June to August 2014.
12.  September 12 - Saina has presented Russia in Winnipeg at the First Nations of Canada Music Awards ceremony. Broadcasted live in Canada and America.
13.  October 5 - Saina has opened the series of George Koller’s "INTERNATIONAL DIVAS" as the first Diva to bless the stage.Saina took part in the first of three acoustic concerts   where she presented Russia.Singers presented their countries: Canada, Germany, Japan, Venezuela, Peru, USA and others.The concert was attended by Consul General of Russia Vladimir
14.  October 14 - Master class for Young Voices Toronto children's choir.
15.  October 25 - Participation in the children's choir concert in the city of Hamilton at Catholic Church.



Her repertoire includes songs of the Siberian indigenous peoples that she learned directly from elders while traveling to concerts in the most remote parts of her homeland. It was difficult, but her deep interest in her heritage and her ancestors’ culture helped her in this. She met with elders, talked to them and asked them to sing to her and teach her their songs. She repeated after them over and over again until the words and music of that ancient songs had the same intonations and tone as in the elders’ singing. Thus, she learned old Evenk, Sakha (Yakut), Chukchi, Even and Yukaghir songs. These songs were dedicated to important events, rituals and everyday chores of their lives. They have been passed down by Siberian people for centuries from generation to generation, from mothers to daughters. Saina not only carefully keeps the traditional way of singing, but also improvises and adds some new colors by using some modern musical instruments. However, the artist tries to keep the authentic sounds for most songs and uses traditional musical instruments like the chomus, a drum. She has represented the Sakha Republic’s indigenous cultures in countries all around the world including Mongolia, China, Spain, France, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Egypt, Norway, Canada, Izrael, Poland, Bulgaria and elsewhere. And everywhere, whenever possible, she follows her desire to learn native songs from that country. She now has more than two hundred songs in twenty languages in her collection.

George Koller has accumulated hundreds of wildly diverse performing and recording credits in his expansive musical career: The Shuffle Demons, Phil Woods, Peter Gabriel, Loreena McKennitt, Bruce Cockburn, Holly Cole, Ian Tyson, Marc Jordan to name only a few. A prolific composer and producer, yet recognized primarily as a bass player, George also plays a variety of instruments; many featured on his award-winning (HMV “fresh blood” grand prize) solo CD,"Music for Plants, Animals, and Humans". He has performance and/or producer credits on on over 800 cds . George has toured for 11 years with Holly Cole. He has also toured and recorded with Ken Whiteley, Sharlene Wallace, Julie Michels, Joe Sealy, Carol Welsman, Valdy, and many others. He has also produced artists ( Eliana Cuevas, Laila Biali, Fern Lindzon, Julie Michels, Amanda Martinez, Patricia O'Callaghan, The Toronto Tabla Ensemble, and DK Ibomeka. Most recently, he has also produced music for Yoga, and Indian Classical music artists. His playing of Indian stringed Instruments: Sitar, Sarode, Tanpura, and the violin-like Esraj and Dilbruba are featured in the motion pictures "Such a long Journey" and "Possible Worlds", and on Loreena McKennitt, Jane Siberry and Bruce Cockburn recordings. George was presented with the 2007 national jazz award for “bassist of the year” and is currently performing with his own quintet and in solo settings.

Songs of Gaia -Saina Singer and George Koller is now available on itunes/cdbaby/and others worldwide.. nominated for "BEST INTERNATIONAL INDIGENOUS RELEASE" at the upcoming aboriginal peoples choice awards on Sept 12/2014 in Winnipeg ..

2 bonus tracks have been added for digital buyers. "Lullaby" and "Cedar Tree"(recently recorded at # 9 audio...enjoy!